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Domain trading information
ууу.cc detail
Domain: (*IDN域名:是指非英语国家为推广本国语言的域名系统的一个总称!)
ууу.cc (该域名属于IDN域名,不是纯英文,购买请慎重!)
Value appraise / Whois / Numerology / Indexed
Summary: ууу.cc   Details
Time left: -27867158 Verify Unverified domain name, buyer judge the ownership.
Start Time: 2016-10-17 09:50:29 End Time: 2017-06-01 22:00:00(已过了有效交易时间)
Views: 531523 Owner: 226808 [View store ]
Form: 普通单词 Category: 休闲娱乐
Type of transaction: Fixed Own website: No
Tips: To prevent malicious bid, bidder must have prepayment of RMB 80 or above to participate in bid. If the bid is accepted, seller will confirm and trade starts.Refer to: Fixed and Offer process
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