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  • Flow Chart of Domain Trade
Fixed and Offer:
1、Fixed means Seller sell domain name with a fixed price.
2、Seller add domain, verify and issue
3、Buyer select domain and bid
4、Seller accept bid(Tip: Seller can cancel 'Accept' before buyer pay)but other buyers can still make offer. If no bid is accepted, trade fail and end.
5、Buyer make payment(Tip: First pay, first get domain)bid ends. Buyer can complain if no response is received from Seller in 15 days. Penalty of RMB 50 and credits of 50 will be deducted from Seller account. If Seller don't pay penalty, Seller account will be dropped into blacklist and prepayment refuned to Buyer. (In case Buyer do Complain, we would suggest Seller and Buyer communicate timely if domain transfer needs a long time.)
6、Seller transfer domain. Transfer succeeds, move onto next step; transfer fails, trade fails. (Tips: Seller confirm to transfer domain, Buyer don't complain in 15 days, transfer will be regarded as success. Seller advise transfer succeeded but Buyer didn't receive domain and complain, investigate and find Seller didn't transfer domain, give Seller a serious warning, deduct penalty and credits, even drop Seller account into blacklist, refund prepayment to Buyer; if B08 find Seller transfered domain and succeeded, give a serious warning to Buyer and make a record, push prepayment to Seller after deducting Escrow fee.)
7、Buyer receive domain and full discretion, confirm domain transfer. push prepayment to Seller after deducting Escrow fee of 5%, trade succeeds.
Note: outside trading trading platform, we shall not be liable for any.